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Luxi Sleep Australia in the Media

Luxi Sleep Australia features in Reader’s Digest (Australia) – November 2016

Luxi Sleep Australia was featured in the November 2016 edition of Reader’s Digest as part of a 20-page Sleep Special. Luxi Sleep Australia is proud to have participated in this well regarded and endeared magazine that has been a big part of Australian households over many years.

Luxi Sleep offered Reader’s Digest subscribers the opportunity to buy the LUXI mattress with a special $150 off from its regular pricing

Luxi’s Innovative Design is changing the Sleep Experience and going GLOBAL

Los Angeles, July 26 , 2016 – Luxi is an online retailer and manufacturer of mattresses that has taken a hands on approach to its clients sleep needs and preferences. The Luxi mattress is unique as it is made up of various elements that are interchangeable to adapt to each individual’s sleep styles. From soft, medium to firm the interior pieces can be easily moved around by unzipping the cover, flipping and switching them. With overwhelming demand for Luxi from global markets, Luxi announces their first global partner in Australia. The Luxi will be taking pre-orders for its soft launch in Australia as of August 1st and in September 2016 the product will be available for purchase online.

Luxi is designed with the contemporary consumer in mind as the Luxi mattress is adjustable to suit the many preferences of sleepers. Luxi is the only mattress that splits down the middle and flips, adjusting for comfort. The Luxi team noted that the one-size-fits-all online mattress model had not evolved to meet the needs of consumers, leaving clients unhappy with their purchase. “The premise that one mattress fits everyone,” states David Farley, one of the company’s principals. “This is a false premise and an insult to consumer’s intelligence. We all differ in weight, mass, shape, preferences. We’re all different, thankfully.”

By designing a luxury performance mattress that easily converts to soft, medium, or firm, Luxi has created a product that not only meets consumers’ preferences when purchased, but that can adapt to meet their preferences and needs as they change throughout the product’s life. Luxi accommodates the different sleep styles of individuals and sleep partners by splitting the bed and allowing each sleeper to adjust their side individually.

Luxi also offers a unique 100-night trial period as part of their sleep satisfaction pledge to their customers, proving their commitment to changing both the sleep experience as well as the purchasing experience for the consumer.

About LUXI

Luxi was founded by the father daughter team of David and Shannon Farley.  David is a mattress industry veteran who started out making mattresses for healthcare. A degreed engineer, his designs have enabled post-surgery patients, burn victims and others with serious physical problems to get needed sleep. Products from the companies he has lead have consistently shown his flare for physical innovation.  Luxi was launched in 2015 by David and his daughter Shannon who came from the world of tech start-ups, bringing her digital media savvy and focus on the consumer experience and engagement to the company. Luxi’s corporate headquarters are in Fontana, CA.

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