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Luxi Sleep Australia and its involvement in the Community

givingbackIt’s not just about providing the best online mattress store in Australia, and super comfortable mattresses.  Here are a few things that get us up in the morning (after a good night’s sleep of course).

Giving back

We think it’s important to support the community we work in. That’s why Luxi Sleep Australia has committed to donate a $25 of every sale to Parkinson’s Australia – this happens automatically when you check out your mattress.  This pledge was made after the father of our founder was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago. The funds donated from your purchase will provide much-needed funds which help the organisation to advocate on behalf of the Parkinson’s community. The aim is to improve care and support and provide hope for the future for Australians living with Parkinson’s.


We believe in providing real value. That’s why we’re set up with no expensive shopfronts, staffed with pushy salespeople at you. This helps keep our costs lower, and prices affordable while upholding the premium quality that we’re known for. And with our mattress’s unique ability to change settings, you get ultimate adaptability for much less than you would find in products anywhere else.

Healthy living

With sleep being an incredibly important part of our health, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of getting plenty of shuteye. We take seriously our part in helping more Australians get more of it. Besides our mattresses, we do everything we can to promote information about getting healthy restorative sleep.  We send out interesting articles on the topic, we share ideas about it and generally obsess over it.

About Parkinson’s Australia

Parkinsons-AUSParkinson’s Australia is the national not-for-profit body working to support and advocate for all people affected by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

Our mission is “to create an environment that is responsive to the needs of all people affected by Parkinson’s”. People affected by Parkinson’s includes people that either have Parkinson’s, provide care to someone with Parkinson’s, or have a family member or close friend affected by Parkinson’s. Such a complex condition affects the life of the person diagnosed – and the people close to them.

On March 15 2016 our organisation launched the Make Parkinson’s A Priority Action Platform at Parliament House. This advocacy campaign aims to improve the quality of life through investment in better care and support – and give people with Parkinson’s hope that investment in research will slow, stop, reverse or ultimately cure the disease.

Parkinson’s Australia is supported primarily through donations and by its members. Our state-based Parkinson’s organisations provide vital services such as one on one and group counselling; support groups; free call 1800 info line; clinical support through Specialist Nurses; exercise and social groups;  information and education for patients, clinicians and health care workers.

The funds donated from your purchase will allow the organisation to continue to advocate on behalf of the Parkinson’s community with an aim to improve care and support and provide hope for the future for people with Parkinson’s in Australia.

You can find information about Parkinson’s and Living with Parkinson’s at or for support call 1800 644 189.

About Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s is a chronic and progressive neurological condition that affects movement, therefore it is known as a ‘movement disorder’. There is currently no cure. Parkinson’s has a range of motor and non-motor symptoms which result from the reduction of dopamine, a chemical in the brain.

The World Health Organisation observes that Neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, are “one of the greatest threats to public health”.  Because of its chronic progressive nature, insidious onset, complicated and diverse motor and non-motor symptoms and limited management options Parkinson’s is one of the most challenging diseases.

People diagnosed with Parkinson’s have a complex range of movement related symptoms including tremor, muscle rigidity, poverty of movement and loss of normal posture with a tendency for falls.  However, lesser known is the major impact on non-motor functions such as depression, anxiety, behavioural disturbances and cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, hallucinations, dementia, sensory deficits such as loss of smell and visual problems and impaired speech.

Conservative estimates indicate that one in every 340 people in Australia or around 70,000 people live with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s Australia estimates that up to 700,000 people are directly impacted by Parkinson’s, they either have Parkinson’s, provide care to someone with Parkinson’s, have a family member or close friend affected by Parkinson’s. The estimated growth rate of Parkinson’s is 4% over the next 20 years compared with a population growth of only 1%.

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