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“The Luxi is one of the most innovative and practical mattresses we have tested. 
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“I received a free Luxi mattress for review.
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Customer Reviews

4.76 out of 5 stars

60 reviews


Brian & Sue, Gold Coast QLD

 “The Luxi​ ​ mattress​ is like sleeping on air​ ​beyond ​​our expectations. The contact and service we had with the LUXI team was exceptional​.​ ​Other ​companies​ would do well to follow your lead. We would recommend to anyone. Also the transport company Luxi chose was without doubt an excellent choice, on time​, helpful​​ ​ and kept us informed.

Sean Leong, Cheltenham VIC

“Had this mattress for a few good months now, best sleeps since. Am 70kg guy who suffers from lower back and shoulder aches from sports”.

“Since moving from a coil mattress it took about 2-3 nights’ sleeps to waking up with no sore joints. Me and my partner sleep on the medium configuration, quite plush feeling while supportive. I sleep hot and haven’t had a problem with heat, so guessing the bed does well for heat management for a memory foam mattress”.

“Really recommend this, especially when you suffer from aching joints”.

Jean Kerr, Sandstone Point QLD

 “Hi Luxi. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars chasing the elusive ‘perfect’ mattress. I have a severe stenosis of the spine and have not enjoyed bed time… soft yoga (I’m 62..I don’t bend well), endless painful tossing and turning, middle of the night pain relief, the lower back pain getting out of bed and more soft yoga stretches to get moving. This has been my life for over 10 years. I’ve been watching your Facebook ads for quite a while and saw your EOFYSale and took advantage.

Omg! I have had my LUXI for just over a week. I wake up fresh and PAIN FREE!! I’m a little stiff in the lower back, but I’ll take that with a smile! I’ve tried the medium side and the soft.. I think I’ll be using the medium.

Can’t explain how layers of foam works, but it does. I look my LUXI – thank you so much.

Philip, Springsure QLD

 “I have been sleeping on my Luxi for over a month now and this mattress is wonderful. I sleep on the medium setting and it was very comfortable and supportive.

It was super soft and plush feeling after the first a few nights of inflating it, but then I went away for a few weeks on a trip and when I came back I noticed it had firmed up quite a lot. It was still comfortable but certainly didn’t have a plush sinking in feeling to it. Definitely nothing to complain about I wanted the absolute most comfortable sleeping experience possible, so incomes the research.

This is where the microcloud mattress topper comes into the picture. A company that has been selling to five star hotels and resorts throughout Australia. It is truly a phenomenal mattress topper that transforms any mattress into a plush feeling Heaven that you Sink Into.

It turned my Luxi mattress from a comfortable memory foam mattress into something so comfortable words can’t describe. I guess a way I could explain is that I tried the most expensive mattresses in the bedding shop and they didn’t come to the comfort level of the luxi with the microcloud topper. it is an experience just to lay on it every night.

Maybe some people prefer a firmer Less plush feel which in that case go for it and by the luxi. It will suit anyone either way. You can just buy the topper later if you wish.​”​

Helena, Sydney NSW

“I have found the luxi mattress both comfortable and satisfactory. I own a king single mattress and it is worth the buy”.

Chris & Jennifer, Canberra ACTD

“We are very happy with our LUXI purchase recently. We read the reviews and took our chance to buy it online. We particularly love its adjustability”.

John Johansen, Perth WA

“Comfortable, cosy and good value for money. Happy with my new luxi mattress’.

David & Dennis, Sydney NSW

“We absolutely love the LUXI mattress. We bought it safely online and had it at our door step within a couple of days. We have been sleeping on it for 3 months now and we are glad that we chose this one, because there were many tom choose from when we were shopping around.”

Joyce & Cameron, Brisbane QLD

“It has taken us a while to get used to the LUXI. At first, we weren’t sure that we made the right call on this mattress. We were impressed to see it online and read the reviews of it. It felt very different to what we had, but over time we are now happy and satisfied with our purchase. It is very clever that you can adjust it on either side. I like it soft and my husband likes it medium level. Thanks Luxi Team.”

Tony & Maree, Perth WA

“We have been sleeping on our new luxi since January and must say that it is by far the best mattress we’ve ever had. We have changed our mattress atleast 6 times in the past 10 years, and haven’t been able to get something that suits us both. The luxi is different because it allows us to adjust each side to suit our own comfort and feel levels. What a great invention, thanks Luxi Sleep Australia.”

Maureen, Shepparton VIC

“Love my LUXI mattress, from the get-go. As I anticipated, it is comfortable and adaptable. Have enjoyed many good nights of sleep, compared to the springy mattress that I had before. I have since told friends about it and they’re going to get the LUXI as well.”

Margaret Mueller, Hobart TAS

“Initially, I was very reluctant to buy this mattress online as I wanted to try it at a local store. I was told that I could only buy it online, which made me nervous. I read over all of the reviews and spoke to the Luxi team and they reassured me of their 180 night sleep satisfaction trial and this gave me the confidence to buy it online. I have had it for just over six weeks now, and I absolutely love it. Both comfortable and adaptable, it is well worth buying it.”

Jonathan, Perth WA

“A fantastic innovation by Luxi to produce a mattress that is easily self adjustable. I have tried all 3 feels, and tend to prefer the firm feel. What a great invention, I am going to vote LUXI for the most innovative product at any industry-related awards. Recommend it to others, without hesitation”.

Brad & Kathy, Melbourne VIC

“We have found the LUXI mattress to be both very comfortable and valuable. My partner and I have each said that we don’t wake up each morning with complaints of back stiffness or that we haven’t slept well. We both have set it to medium comfort level and it feels great”.

Emeric & Margot, St Kilda VIC

“Review Comparison between LUXI & Koala

Luxi 1 – Koala 0

We had our old mattress for 14 years (yes a very long time but this mattress was so great) and decided that it was time for a change as we started to have back pains. We therefore ordered a Koala mattress and…this was not a very good idea. The mattress is supposed to be “Not too firm, not too soft, but in reality it is SUPER firm (even the firm side of the Luxi is less firm than the Koala). We kept it for 2 months and my body never adjusted to it, I was tossing & turning every nights and every morning I was waking up with terrible pains in my back. My wife was ok (not fine, not great, just OK) with it but we do not sleep the same as she is a stomach sleeper while I am a side sleeper and my body was not sinking at all in it (I weight 70kgs).
After that we had to order another mattress and were quite reluctant to order online again, still I had a look at all the mattress review website (Sleepopolis / Sleep Sherpa / Mattress Clarity…) and they were all saying great things about the Luxi mattress. On top of that what really convinced me is the fact that you have 3 firmness: soft / medium and firm. So I thought that we had more chances of liking one feel out of 3 rather than ordering a new mattress with only 1 firmness (I REALLY didn’t want another Koala fail). So we ordered the Luxi mattress and well… I LOVE IT!!! This mattress is super comfortable and after only 2 nights all my back pains were gone! Having a split in the middle, which surprisingly we do not feel at all, is a very good idea as we have different settings (I sleep on the medium and my wife on the firm side). Sure the mattress is a bit more expensive than the Koala one but in terms of quality it’s really day and night! To sum-up I really recommend the Luxi mattress, it nicely contours your body, is incredibly comfortable and with 3 firmness options it’s almost sure that you’ll end liking one of them.”

Georgia & Bill, Adelaide SA

“We love our new LUXI and in fact have told our family and friends to buy it as well. It is comfy and is a quality product. The customer service was great, the delivery went well and now we look forward to each night to get a great sleep.”

Chloe Phillips, Mornington VIC

“I was really nervous about buying my new mattress online. I looked around and read all the different reviews about the many online mattress retailers and their product. I came across LUXI and did further research. Believe it or not, I went with it because I found it priced higher than the rest which suggested to me that it was a better quality mattress option. I’ve been sleeping on a LUXI for about 3 months now and love it and very glad I did my research and spent time before I purchased it. Thanks Luxi Team.”

Brent & Jody, Sydney NSW

“Extremely happy and satisfied with our Luxi mattress. Its adjustability was the reason for our choice and we love the fact that each of us sleeps on a different comfort level without disturbing one another.”

Ian Wilson, Cairns QLD

“Overall, I am happy with the new Luxi Sleep mattress that I bought. I am a heavy person and initially I thought that this would not suit me. After 2 months of sleeping on it, I am now getting used to it and very much like it. Thanks Luxi”.

James & Sarah Monks, Hobart TAS

– February 28, 2017

“We love our new luxi mattress. It is everything we expected and we are most certainly enjoying the separate feels on each side of the bed. We recommend this to others, without hesitation”.

Suzanna, Bendigo VIC

“Love my new mattress. It is so comfy, like sleeping on a cloud. It was an easy online purchase experience with delivery to my home in a matter of days. Have been sleeping on it for two and a half months now, and loved each sleep. Thank you to the Luxi crew!!”

Craig & Cheryl, Townsville QLD

“We chose the LUXI mattress ahead of some others that were being advertised online and we are glad we made that decision. We love how fancy it is with the fact that you can adjust it to suit each sleeper. What a great idea!”

Sophie & Dennis Tyson, Melbourne VIC

“The Luxi mattress has been excellent for us. I like it medium and my partner likes it firm and that way we are both happy with that flexibility in the Luxi mattress. We have told our family and friends about it and it looks like they will purchase one as well. Good work LUXI, such a unique product of yours”.

Sara Newton, Sunshine Coast QLD

“I have been sleeping on my Luxi since October 2016 and have been very happy with it. It took me a while to get used to a foam-based mattress after years sleeping on springy beds. I like the fact that I can change firmness at any time. I prefer the soft side, after having tried the medium and firm sides. A really clever idea to have created such a mattress”.

Tony & Colin, Perth WA

“We are both happy with our mattress purchase through Luxi Sleep Australia. We found the whole experience from buying it to delivery and now to sleeping on it just wonderful. We were a little nervous buying online but could not be happier with all that has gone on since that decision was made. Thank you Luxi Team”.

Cathy Hendricks, Sydney NSW

“I have been enjoying my LUXI for the past 3 months and I am completely satisfied. I actually look forward to going to bed each night after many years with an ordinary mattress. I am glad I chose the LUXI and would highly recommend it to others looking for a mattress that meets their satisfaction”.

Colin & Denise Bruce, Brisbane QLD

“We are both happy with our Luxi mattress. It is comfortable and suitable for us both. I like it soft feel and my husband likes it medium and that way we are both happy with each side of our bed now. A very good idea to have the one mattress capable of providing this versatility – thanks Luxi Sleep Australia.”

Lindsay Jones, Adelaide SA

“Incredible experience to have gone online and found myself a great mattress. I was swayed by the fact that you can adjust the comfort settings and find the right one – all in one bed! I have been sleeping on it for about two months now and I am very happy with my LUXI mattress.”

Chelsea Ryan, Geelong VIC

“My new LUXI is Incredibly comfortable and cosy. Worth the effort to search online extensively and find this very different mattress for my bedroom. I have tried all 3 comfort levels, and my preference is for medium feel. It hugs me and wants to keep me on it all night (and sometimes) all day long. I highly recommend that others choose a LUXI mattress when they are looking for a new bed. Thanks LUXI”.

Craig & Chrissy O’Brien, Newcastle NSW

“My wife and I are very pleased with our new king size luxi mattress. Just as we saw it advertised online, it is all that and more. Bit of a change for us coming from a springy bed in the past but now that we are used to this feel it is wonderful. We don’t want to get out of bed every day, it’s that good”.

Ellie Turner, Sydney NSW

“The Luxi mattress is a gem. Comfortable, adaptable, stylish and affordable. Glad I bought one and highly recommend it to others”.

Ben Riddles, Canberra ACT

“I love my Luxi mattress, worth every single cent. I have never slept so well. I was initially drawn to this mattress because of its unique versatility. There is nothing else like it on the market. I have found it very easy to change the firmness of the mattress in a matter of seconds by myself, which is actually quite genius. I love the softer, memory foam pod setting the best, though the medium firmness is also very comfortable. I have never liked a firm mattress so I haven’t even tried it, however it is great to know it is there. I found the entire process from my initial enquiry, to ordering, to delivery and even a follow up phone call to see how I have been sleeping to be outstanding service, absolutely faultless. It is great to know this company backs up its product with a 100 night in home trial, though I know I do not need it…there is no way they are getting the mattress back! Thanks to the Luxi team, I have recommended you to a number of my friends and family”.

Jonathan, Canberra ACT

“This mattress is fantastic! When we went mattress shopping, we were surprised at how different sleepers we were. We couldn’t agree on what felt right, but couldn’t afford the sleep number mattresses we saw in store. When we saw the Luxi mattress on facebook, we knew this was the mattress for us to try. Highly recommended, especially for partners who sleep differently. As an engineer, I’m impressed how it simply delivers a way to customise and control the level of firmness for me and my partner. It’s quite genius! I love the medium setting, while she prefers the softer feel. It makes me feel better knowing she is having a better nights sleep than previously. As the saying goes – ‘happy wife, happy life’.

Rachel Adams, Adelaide SA

“Have enjoyed the comfort and versatility of my LUXI mattress. I was initially impressed when I saw it online and remain satisfied now that I have been sleeping on it for over 2 months. I would recommend it to others, without hesitation”.

Jennifer Watkinson, Darwin NT

“I never thought I’d buy a mattress online. I was scared to do so, but believed in the product and the brand to deliver its promise. Having slept on my new LUXI for over 2 months now, I along with my partner are very happy with our king sized mattress. We love that we can unzip it and then adjust it to suit our most comfortable position. We are very impressed with it and would recommend it to others”.

Matthew & Kelly, Parramatta, NSW

“We have been sleeping on our new luxi mattress for just over 2 months now. We are quite satisfied but unsure of the different feel to what we were used to. We found it easy to buy online and have it delivered to our door a few days later after purchase. The customer service experience was great. We are still getting used to this new mattress, and currently think we are 60/40 in favour of it”.

Kylie Sanderson, Hobart TAS

“I bought the LUXI mattress recently on the basis of its unique adjustability function. This ability to change soft to medium or medium to firm was the reason I bought this mattress. So far, I have enjoyed sleeping on my new LUXI and have told my friends about it, and they are interested as well”.

Vanessa Tyrrell, Cairns QLD

“What a great invention. I am thrilled with my new Luxi and have enjoyed many comfortable sleeps to date. I was nervous buying it online at first, but the fact that Luxi Sleep Australia gave me a 100 day money-back guarantee was reassuring. I am not returning this, that’s for sure. In fact, I have recommended it to family and friends to also buy. Thanks LUXI”.

Ray McIntyre, Sydney NSW

“I was sold on LUXI when I saw it in a Facebook ad and realised that this is different to anything else I had seen in the market. Love sleeping on it and feel completely rested each day that I get out of bed. It has certainly met by expectations and beyond.”

Chris & Kate, Doncaster VIC

“We are happy with our Luxi mattress after spending some time researching online. It is comfortable and stylish. There is no doubt that the adjustability is the main feature that allows the two of us to have different levels of comfort. Overall, a good buy for us.”

Jean Harrison, Atherton QLD

“Well we’ve been sleeping on our luxi mattress now for a couple of weeks and I’m extremely disappointed that I didn’t order it when I first saw it in September!!!! It’s amazing!! Even my very sceptical husband, whose comment on ordering was ” at least you can send it back if I don’t like it ” is very impressed! ( He was a little concerned about how it was going to fit back in that box if we didn’t like it!!!)
Once again thank you for your wonderful customer service and your amazing product!

Claus Mauer, Carindale, QLD

“Even though it is totally different to what we grew up with and are used to (European Mattresses), we love it. Yes one does “sink in” a bit more, but it is nice and firm, where it has to be. We especially like the 3 very distinct levels of firmness one can choose from. I am very pleased to say, that we are very happy with it and that we look forward to plenty of good night sleeps on it.”

Paul Kacirek, Double Bay, NSW

“My luxi sleep mattress fulfils all the promises. Arrived on time. Great sleep from the first night. I wanted a firm mattress so I expected to adjust it so. However the medium setting as been fine. Great mattress very happy sleeper!”

Louise Tarlano, Hillside, VIC

“The mattress is absolutely amazing. Super comfortable and supportive, don’t know how I have ever lived without it. I was skeptical in the beginning as buying a King size mattress online is a risk. However, Luxi offers free returns, there were great reviews and it was delivered free to my door. Can’t go wrong”.

Jon Tan, Perth WA

“Amazingly versatile and unique. Comfortable and supportive as well.”

John Fredericks, Sydney NSW

“Surprisingly comfortable and adaptable. Didn’t know what to expect as I was told by someone else to look at LUXI as my new mattress choice. Buying it online was straightforward and receiving it at home was easy. Lying on it for the first time, I thought this is not bad. After a few weeks now, I am happy to have gone for this mattress. I highly recommend it to others looking for something different that is great value”.

Chantelle Drovovski, Sth Melbourne, VIC

“Very happy with our new LUXI mattress after looking around on the internet for a while. We were attracted to the main features of this mattress that you could control each side of the bed. This suited my husband and I as I prefer soft and he prefers firm on his side of the bed. Great invention, like it very much”.

Claire Franks, Sydney NSW

“Just divine. Love my new LUXI. My partner and I have found peace in the bed with each having their own mattress feel. The perfect compromise for us. I highly recommend the LUXI”.

Mark Sidebottom, Perth WA

“I finally made the decision to buy a mattress online after feeling rather nervous about doing so. I just thought that buying a mattress is a matter of going into a furniture or bedding store and getting to lie on it and determine best fit. I came across LUXI in my online research and saw that there was a 100 day trial and if I didn’t like it, I could return it and get my money back. Now after a month or so, I really like the LUXI bed and the fact that I can find my right comfort level by simply flipping the insides to suit me. Happy with myself for buying the LUXI”.

Sara Johnston, Gold Coast QLD

“I found the queen size Luxi mattress to be comfortable and very different to the sprung mattresses I am used to. I really like the ability to change from soft to medium or firm on each side of the bed to suit the individual. I also found that getting into bed beside my sleeping partner I didn’t disturb him through my countless wakings by our young children as his side of the mattress doesn’t move. Although still getting used to it, the Luxi mattress is comfortable and appears to be of good quality, and is well suited to couples”.

Matt Donoghue, Sans Souci, NSW

“Glad I bought a LUXI recently and have enjoyed some wonderful sleeps. So much so, that I am reluctant to get out of bed each day. Thanks to the Luxi team”.

Gabby Burns, Brisbane QLD

“Wow. What a great buy. My partner and I are extremely happy with our new LUXI mattress. We saw it promoted on Facebook and were sold on the great idea of being able to adjust it to suit our own sleeping comfort. I recommend it to others, not a problem”.

Matt Dickson – Parramatta, NSW

“Thanks Luxi, have enjoyed my new mattress. It’s comfortable and stylish and I am glad I chose the Luxi when i was shopping around”.
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