Buying a mattress online – It’s not that scary

Buying a mattress is like getting a haircut. You just have to be there. For something as important as sleeping, you can’t afford to not try it out in person. Besides, a full-size mattress, or even a single isn’t something easily sent through the mail. Funnily enough, all these things are actually not quite true, except the bit about the haircut. Let’s have a look at why buying a mattress online is a concept that isn’t as crazy as you might think.

Try before you buy?

You’d think that testing a mattress before you buy is a given.  Not so. If a company can give their customers a good product description, an iron clad guarantee, a trial period and a return policy then they’ll be comfortable making the online purchase. For a long time now, people have been buying extremely personalised and tactile products like shoes and clothes. Why? Because smart companies have taken out the risks and made the purchase process super convenient. In many cases, they’ve also passed on cost savings to the consumer.

The in-store experience you’re missing out on

Profit margins on mattresses in retail stores are often pretty big. So when you show up on a Saturday morning, you’re pretty certain to come across a professional salesperson working hard to get a slice of that pie. This means you’ll be getting their best sales pitch, possibly regardless of your true needs. And for some, lying, bouncing and sitting on a mattress in a public setting can be a little too awkward and personal. When a mattress is delivered to your door, you can do all the testing you like in private.

So who’s buying mattresses online?

The main group is the 18 to 40 somethings that are comfortable with online shopping. They value their weekend time too much to spend pounding the pavement, especially for purchases that just aren’t that exciting. They’re people who aren’t phased by the thought of returning or exchanging something online, because they’ve done it before. They know that if it’s only a phone call or an email to organise, and that’s less hassle than going out shopping.

Luxi takes everything to do with mattresses and sleeping very seriously. Watch out for more articles coming soon.

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