The random facts about sleeping that will surprise you

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Insomnia makes you hungry Yes, this one sounds bizarre, but it’s true. It’s due to a hormone called leptin which controls hunger and how full you feel. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have a bigger appetite because it causes their leptin levels to fall. Exercise isn’t always good for sleeping It’s [...]

Snoring, doona hogs and worse

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When a couple is in the honeymoon phase, neither partner can do little wrong, especially when it comes to spending horizontal time. So where does it all go horribly wrong? For some it never does. They’re the ones lucky enough to have partners who don’t steal bedclothes, who don’t snore, thrash around, read too late, forget [...]

Buying a mattress online – It’s not that scary

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Buying a mattress is like getting a haircut. You just have to be there. For something as important as sleeping, you can’t afford to not try it out in person. Besides, a full-size mattress, or even a single isn’t something easily sent through the mail. Funnily enough, all these things are actually not quite true, except [...]

3 myths about sleeping

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Alcohol helps you sleep Think a cheeky nightcap will help you nod off? You’re right. Research shows alcohol helps most people get to sleep faster. You’ll also be likely to go straight into a deep sleep. This sounds good on the surface, but it also disturbs your proper sleep patterns. You will miss out on the [...]

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